Monday, November 21, 2011

Well, well, well...

Country living has so many new aspects including, well...a WELL.  On Friday, we were running water outside to fill up the horse tank and the water was, well, black.  Ewwww!!  So we let it run awhile and it eventually cleared up.  However, the water pressure wasn't working very well...very low both outside - and inside (read as "no shower since Friday"). 

So, I'm telling a friend about this on Saturday while we're eating lunch at Chipotle and who do you think walks in?  Our plumber!  So I ran the situation by him and he recommended we call our "well guy", to which I replied, "Who is our well guy?"  Both my friend and my plumber recommended the same "guy" so we called him today.  He took a look at the pressure gauge and said, "We need to pull it up."  So out they went.  When they pulled it up, they found a pipe was completely corroded and leaking.  They fixed the pipe and also put in a new pump so we are back in business!

And now the really exciting news...they are coming back in two weeks to run a water line to the barn!  This is going to be incredibly wonderful given that the only current way to fill the water tanks is to run a hose from the house...not so fun in a MN winter!  Just in time for one more animal friend who is coming to live with us soon...stay tuned :-)

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Anonymous said...

Oh so jealous, water in the barn! Must remember my 10th commandment!