Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Babies!

Hello Everyone...spring is here and after hibernating all winter it's time for an update!  I was planning to send a blog post titled "We're Expecting" figuring it would probably get your attention, but lo and behold our babies arrived TODAY so I guess I'm sending a birth announcement instead.  So...without further ado...I would like to introduce the newest members of the Bendickson family...

Two adorable baby alpine goats were born this morning (March 29, 2012) about 11:50 am right here at the farm.  At about 11:00, Ashley and Jake came in to tell me they thought Nellie was about to go into labor based on her tendons (in her behind) loosening up and the "goo" coming out.  Our friend, Cristine, our resident goat expert, just happened to be in the neighborhood and she stopped by to  confirm that yes, the goats will be born today.  Fifty minutes later Ashley, Jake, and I witnessed the birth of two baby boys born about 5 minutes apart.  We have not named them yet.  Mom and the boys are all doing well snuggled up in the barn tonight.  Stay tuned...Betsy is due next week!