Friday, November 4, 2011

Never say never

I did something yesterday that I said I'd never do.  I know other people do it.  And I don't blame them for it.  I just didn't think I ever would.

I put a goat in my car.  (Yes, Sarah, I did it.)

Why? Because one of our goats (Nellie) was in heat and that calls for desperate measures.  Well, not really.  One has 48 hours or so to load up the goat and bring it to the buck...if you want babies in the spring, that is.  And we do.  So we did.

Meet the buck.  He will be the dad to our babies.  His name is Stone.  And he stinks.  Really bad.

If all went well, Nellie is due April 3, 2012. 

We are gearing up for round two tomorrow...this time it's Betsy's turn to ride in the car and visit the stinky boy.  And this time it's Rich's turn to do the driving :-)


Unknown said...

I love it!! Best of luck w/ the (hopefully) pregnant goats & the babies in the spring!

Sarah said...

Oh, I am so proud of you!! I would even prouder if you lived on my side of town and had to drive for an hour with the goat in the car after she was all stinky from the buck instead of five minutes up the road but, proud I am none-the-less. So, did the tote make you too nervous or . . . .?? What did the kids think of the birds and bees lesson?

Brenda said...

Reminds me of a song... "I know an 'old' lady, who drove with a goat, she drove the goat to meet the buck, she met the buck to breed the babes, she bred the babes to get the milk, she got the milk to feed the cat, she fed the cat to eat the fly, but I don't know why she swallowed a fly... perhaps she'll die."

Jorge and Evielynne's RV Road Adventures said...

Sorry about the smell - awwww but babies in the spring AWESOME...