Friday, September 17, 2010

South Dakota, etc...

Fall is in the air, it’s getting cold in the camper, and we’re breaking out the polar fleece! What have we been up to? Well, Rich and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary at the A.G. Thomson House B&B in Duluth, MN. The inn keepers are wonderful and the food is outstanding – highly recommended! We also enjoyed the New Scenic CafĂ© and Whole Food’s Co-op – unique, local, and organic...just how we like it :-)

We were so excited to finally meet (in person) our new friends from South Carolina – the Stroziers. They recently sold their house and hit the road in their RV (sound familiar)? They have six beautiful children and are traveling the country going wherever the Spirit leads. Read about their adventures on their blog.  The music on our slideshow (below) is a funky new (well, new to us) song we learned when our families attended the Holy Spirit conference in August. Yes, Lord!!

A few additional highlights: Living in a real house for a week while friends were traveling; doing lunch with Laura; visiting Rich’s grandparents up north at Red Lake; attending a conference with friends in Duluth; having our 5-year-old nephew stay with us for three days; reminiscing with college friends; and last, but definitely not least…spending a week in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Now that’s a road trip!

Seeing the sights is one thing, but it’s the stories that bring them to life. Take Crazy Horse for example. If all you do is drive by, it’s easy to conclude there’s not much to see. Hearing the story makes all the difference. Did you know Crazy Horse is more/less the undertaking of one family and funded only through private donations? No government money at all. How on earth does someone even consider sculpting a mountain? The work began in 1948 with one man who dared to do something way beyond himself. The vision is big and it’s going to take time - but what an inspiration for dreaming big and persevering!

We have learned many valuable lessons over the past two years and fruit is beginning to grow as a result of this RV adventure. And while the winds of change are blowing once again (stay tuned for more details) some things will never change: “We will praise You for the rest of our days”!

P.S. As you can see in the pictures, my mom is feeling great – thank you for your continued prayers! Hallelujah, we give You the praise!!