Monday, December 14, 2009

Orlando, FL - What Matters Most

We had a quiet week at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. Rich flew to Minneapolis for a few days while the kids and I decorated the RV with our homemade Christmas crafts. I think we left the campground once… to stock up at Whole Foods, but other than that we spent the week reading, biking, playing tennis, decorating, and sending a few Christmas cards.

Jake finally got his birthday present – a LEGO Mindstorm – which is a LEGO robot that you build and then program to do different things. He was up at the crack of dawn building – his happy zone. He’s really excited that Dad is back to help him get creative with the programming part.

We didn’t do any Disney parks, but the kids took an archery class at the campground. This was their first experience with a bow and arrow and they had a blast perfecting their aim. The campground, by the way, is very interesting at this time of year. It is packed full of campers who take holiday lights to a whole new level. Many set up displays that make us wonder how they could possibly plug it all in without blowing every fuse in the place!

Our Christmas seasons have definitely changed since we hit the road. December was always a rat-race with so many good things vying for a spot on our overbooked calendar. There was always more to do than could be done. Unfortunately, what matters most usually fell by the wayside. It was exhausting. And often frustrating and disappointing. We definitley miss spending time with family and friends. But overall, we feel very blessed to enjoy a much slower pace of life these days. We’ve been journeying through the scriptures with our Jesse Tree, watching history unfold, and looking forward to the birth of Jesus. We are grateful to have enough margin in our days to stop and smell the roses once in awhile – to watch a deer in the woods - or an armadillo foraging for insects. Less is definitely more. More peace. More joy. More time for what matters most.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning! I came to work early today to get started on my long list of things to do, more to do than time seems to allow. I'm glad I took time to read your blog. It is SO true that most people are so busy during Christmas that we rarely take time to reflect and most of that is done at church when we are planning what all we have left to do. The craziness of work won't end and there is no way to get around it, but when my vacation comes, may I be dedicated and motivated to just spend quality time with the Lord. Thanks Connie for sharing you heart and reminding me to SLOW DOWN.

Blessings to you ALL! Merry Christmas!!

~Laura Lee F.
P.S. I feel like I get to "see" you almost once a week. I love it! Some of my students have also joined me in watching the video:-)