Thursday, November 26, 2009

Destin, FL (Topsail State Park)

After Arkansas, we drove like crazy (11 hours – way too far for one day) all the way to Topsail State Park in Destin, Florida – one of our favorite spots from last year. It’s a beautiful park with a private walking/biking trail to the beach. The kids enjoyed designing and building a variety of sand castles.

One of the highlights of the week was meeting Kelly and Jared at Amore Pizzeria in Santa Rosa Beach. We biked to their lovely café one afternoon for lunch and after tasting their excellent pizza we asked if they would be willing to teach us how they make pizza crust. What a huge blessing to learn this culinary art from such a gifted baker and teacher! Jared showed us each step and the kids got to get their hands in the dough and make pizzas from start to finish. There is a lot more to gourmet pizza crust than meets the eye. We are so grateful for Kelly and Jared’s generous hearts and their willingness to share their expertise with us. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to stop by for the best pizza ever!

We also visited another state park called Eden Gardens where we toured a southern mansion and enjoyed the live oak trees and beautiful gardens. And then it was out for dinner to celebrate another Bendickson birthday…we are always busy blowing out candles this time of year.

This week we were reminded of the forming, transforming, and conforming that God does with us when we allow Him to work in our lives. Nothing gets transformed without going through a process that often includes stirring, waiting, kneading, pressing, stretching – and a certain amount of heat. It’s true for pizza and it’s true for us. Thank you, Jesus, for the work you are doing to refine us so our lives can more accurately reflect who You are.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving family. We had a somber one due to kidney stone surgery... yep know what the you went through fella. OUCH... But I also have a 10 mm on the left that has to be lithotripped on Dec 8th so my kids are with GODparents as I try to drain 25lbs of fluid that they put into me thinking it would push the stones out... Over night I looked like blue berry in charlie and the chocolate factory... thank GOD the urologist came in and operated by 4. had lost both use of both kidneys and very toxic due to their stupidity. I had the beginnings of pnemonia in just 48 hours. SO Praise GOD may he keep you safe and healthy. Chrise

Anonymous said...

Thanks for you update! I am always encouraged and blessed by reading your blogs. I appreciate the time you take to make the video. It makes your trip come alive. Keep giving God the glory!

Laura Lee F