Monday, May 7, 2012

Another Bendickson Baby

Another new little life made its way into the world today!
New baby chick emerging from shell
Bon Bon and Buttercup brooding their eggs
As you can see, we now have TWO broody hens. When Bon Bon "went broody", she climbed into the next box with Buttercup and tried to sit on the eggs too. So Jake moved some of the eggs to another box and she's been happily brooding them ever since. In fact, Bon Bon got the honor of having the first chick hatch. 

They are sitting on about 18-20 eggs total.  Given the fact that we only supplied them with 9 fertile eggs, there is bound to be some dissapointment in the nesting box.  Hopefully we see a few more feathered friends pecking their way into the world tomorrow.  We left the baby with its mama all snug and cozy and cute. 

More chicken news to come tomorrow...those 55 chicks are now looking more like teenagers...stay tuned!

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