Thursday, December 25, 2008


Joy to the world...the Lord is come! We had a wonderful little Christmas here in Naples, FL. For those of you who worried we might have a ba-humbug holiday (after my post on Christmas presents vs. presence), I want to assure you that there was joy in our world as we celebrated the birth of Jesus!

We had lots of "presence" as we decorated our Jessie Tree, played games, baked cookies, etc. And, have no fear, we also had presents. We had a great time one afternoon picking out a few little treasures for each other. We wrapped them in newspaper and put them under the Jessie Tree - which was supposed to hang on the back of the drivers seat...but our slide got stuck in (that's a whole other story), so we had a really cozy Christmas with the slide in all week. (We're getting it repaired on Friday).

We are also celebrating Hanukkah this year remembering the miracle when the Maccabees defeated the Syrians (who desecrated the temple) and rededicated the temple to God with festivities that lasted eight days. When the Jews cleaned the temple, they only found enough oil to light the menorah for one day, but miraculously the menorah burned for eight days straight! Our God is a God of miracles! Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord. (Zechariah 4:6) With Him all things are possible!


Anonymous said...

Looks like another beautiful day in paradise. (Naples) Janet

Anonymous said...

Hi Friends!!!

My kids can't get over the fact that they called to talk to Ashley today and she is SWIMMING at the BEACH!!!!

They loved the song on the video..they've been singing and dancing since they heard it this morning! And flip flops for Christmas!!! What a treat! Grace got boots (:

We love to see your smiling faces in the videos and to know that you had a joy filled Christmas...we were thinking of you.

We love you guys!