Monday, November 24, 2008

It's a ... Kidney Stone!

The Bendicksons are proud to announce the arrival of a long awaited ... kidney stone! It made it's grand entrance into the world today around 2:00 pm to a very relieved man who will be sleeping much better from now on. It was quite uneventful really (thankfully). Just a routine trip to the bathroom and it was out in no time. No epidural, no pain killers - just an all natural simple home birth. Here's a picture of the proud papa with the new arrival...

Just wasn't really that big...but big enough! Amazing that something this small can cause so much pain.
Thank you to everyone who was praying for Rich over the last couple of weeks. We are very happy to have this behind us.

On a side note, we moved to paradise over the weekend...I'm serious...we are spending this week on Hilton Head Island and it is BEAUTIFUL! We played some tennis this morning and had lunch on the patio. And...for the first time in weeks, I am not wearing polar fleece!

Blessings to each of you this week as you celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy a day set aside to remember the many ways God has blessed you this year.


The Godwin Family said...

Good to see it is finally over. I hope you have fun in Hilton Head. We went there for July 4th and stayed at the Hilton Head Harbor and Marina which was really nice. They had fireworks over the water. Hilton Head is really nice since they have preserved most of the trees on the island and limited the number of signs. If you want to have some fun buy an inexpensive stunt kite (the kind with two strings) and fly it on the beach. Hopefully you will have some warmer weather than you had in Charleston. Have fun.

Nar said...